The back of the Stunno book has a glossary to help explain  the words used within the book.

Some of the Terms used in the book:

Swell - Swell or groundswell refers to solid, waves that break at regular intervals. (As apposed to  wind chop)

Wetsuit - It's made of neoprene, and keeps out the cold.

Reef – A surf break where the waves break over rocks instead of sand.

Winds Offshore - This is when the wind at a surf break is blowing off the shore ;-), It makes for ideal surfing conditions.

Line Up - The line up is the place just outside the breaking waves where surfers wait for their waves

Monster set (set waves)  – Larger waves that hit the surf break at regular intervals.

The Pocket – The steepest part of the wave, best place to take off for speed.

Solid six footer – The size of the wave.

Bottom Turn – The first turn at the bottom of the wave when taking off.

Smacks the lip – Moving upwards to hit the peak of the wave, or area above the face of the wave 

Curl – The curve that forms as the top of the wave breaks.

Barrel – is where the wave is hollow when its breaking, also called the tube.

The green room – being deep inside the barrel.

Stoked - Very happy