In the engaging children’s picture book “Stunno’s Surf Adventure,” longtime surfing aficionado Mark Reside reveals some of the lure and lingo of a sport that leaves its participants yearning for just one more chance to seek out a monster set, smack the lip, and enter the green room.

The story begins when Stunno, the surfing echidna (that’s a spiny anteater to non-Aussies), arrives at his favorite beach only to see that the water is “flat” – no surf. He can’t catch a wave, so he drives up the coast and soon finds himself rewarded for his efforts with a huge inviting ground swell.
An excerpt from the book reads as follows: Yeoww! Made it to the reef in perfect time. A huge ground swell, the waves look prime. The wind’s offshore and the tides are right. A wicked day’s surfing now firmly in sight.
Offset by Tina Jacobson’s colorful and captivating illustrations, Stunno’s adventures in rhyme both engage and inspire, and the book concludes with a helpful glossary that defines the different terminology Aussie surfers use.

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Stunno’s Surf Adventure is a fun filled adventure for kids and adults alike. Bright illustrations and metered verse take the reader on a rollicking quintessentially Australian romp. Appealing to those who enjoy surfing and those who have never stood on a surfboard in their life, this is the enjoyable story of a likeable echidna named Stunno who takes his combi van down the coast to catch some waves. Join Stunno on his adventure and learn some surfing lingo while you’re at it! Thoroughly recommended.


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Stunno and the long right

The second installment in the Stunno Series, join Stunno and some of his friends for a great day of surfing.

If you are interested in purchasing book two, let us know what style you would be interesting purchasing as a decision on printing has not been made as yet. 

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