Arrived at the beach in perfect time.

A huge groundswell, the waves look prime.

Stunno Book Series by Mark Reside

Welcome to the home of Stunno the surfing echidna.

No swell today… flat-water blues.

Locked deep in the barrel. Boom!

Waters warm no need for a wettie.

He decided to surf till dark instead.

Stunno's Surf Adventure

$14.95 with Free Postage.

Stunno Surf Adventure
In the engaging children’s picture book “Stunno’s Surf Adventure,” longtime surfing aficionado Mark Reside reveals some of the lure and lingo of a sport that leaves its participants yearning for just one more chance to seek out a monster set, smack the lip, and enter the green room.
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Colourfull Colouring Book


$12.95 with Free Postage.




Colour Full Life Colouring Book
What's different about this Colouring Book is that within its whimsical designs, flow truth, and down to earth simple reminders; Its fun for all ages.
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Stunno and the Long Right

Come join stunno and his friends Scarly and Rose as they enjoy the fun of surfing together in the second installment of the stunno book series.

Coming Soon!


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